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Current RAs

  • Name: Judith Sigaran-Sorto

  • Classification: Senior

  • Where I’m from: El Salvador

  • Research interests: Methods of learning and teaching; The importance of self-care and coping with stress as a first-generation college student; Understanding and spreading awareness of the risks of diabetes

  • Something about myself: I enjoy learning and teaching. Some of my favorite things to do during my free time are go out for long walks around the city, visit new restaurants and watch movies.

  • Name: Yen-Hannah Nguyen

  • Classification: Senior

  • Where I'm from: Vietnam

  • Research interests: Immigrants' Mental Health; Resilience; Acculturation; Life Transition Stress

  • Something about myself: I love reading romance and thrillers books, and I try to read around 7-8 books a month. I also hang out with friends to try new restaurants or have a solo coffee shop date in my free time. Traveling is another thing I love; I usually plan a grand trip to a new city/country each year, so I appreciate traveling tips if you have some!.

  • Name: Danny Velasquez

  • Classification: Sophomore

  • Where I'm from: Washington, D. C.

  • Research interests: Effects of gun violence on teens; resilience among youth who've experienced the juvenile system

  • Something about myself: I enjoy watching movies, specifically comedies. I also enjoy working on cars, and I often help my uncle whenever he is working on his project car.


  • Name: Estefania

  • Degree: B.S. in Psychology

  • Where I'm from: Colombia

  • Research interests: Diabetes, sports psychology, complementary or alternative medicine (meditation, biofeedback, hypnosis, progressive muscle relaxation)

  • Somethings about myself: I love playing tennis, I like sports and physical activity, I like reading and occasionally learning a little bit of other languages. I would also love to travel and learn about new cultures while working as an educator or coach.  I have two younger siblings living back in Colombia with my parents. Both also very passionate about tennis and sports. 

  • Name: Labrina

  • Degree: B.S. in Psychology 

  • Where I'm from: Washington DC 

  • Research Interests: Exercise behavior, marijuana usage, how physical health can impact mental health. 

  • Something about myself: I’ve hiked on the Appalachian trail three times. I have three brothers and one sister. 

  • Name: Briana

  • Classification: Senior

  • Where I'm from: Washington D.C

  • Research interests: Sexual Risk in young adults, Child and Adolescence Psychology, brain development, stress coping in children and young adults

  • Something about myself: I enjoy writing poetry and advocating for young adults who are or have experienced homelessness. 

  • Name: Laquesha (Q)

  • Degree: B.S. in Psychology

  • Where I’m from: Washington DC

  • Research interests: healthy decision making among young people, coping with stress and drug use and survivors’ guilt and self-care

  • Something about myself: I am a social activist who uses the performing arts to bring awareness to issues of marginalized groups of people (i.e. young people, People of color, LGBTQ+ etc.). I am proud mom of a 4-year-old. I plan to obtain degrees in psychology and work to increase healthy decision making among at-risk populations in hope of violence prevention.

  • Name: Marzia

  • Classification: Senior (double major) 

  • Where I'm from: Afghanistan 

  • Research Interests: the role of psychology in politics; using psychology for social progress 

  • Something about myself: I enjoy reading books. 

D.Terrell Photo.jpeg
  • Name: De’Ajane (Dee); Pronouns: She/They 

  • Degree: B.S. in Psychology 

  • Where I'm from: Greenville, South Carolina  

  • Research interests: Sexual behaviors and social engagements within minority populations and youth 

  • Somethings about myself: I love to draw, and I am currently learning to create digital art. I have a podcast called The Gay Socialite and a health Instagram dedicated to educating others on queer and minority personal & sexual health-related topics. I have also used my passions and discipline in psychology to create safe spaces discussing personal and sexual health with Black & queer students.  

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