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Health-related Projects

Preventing Diabetes in Young Adults

The prevalence of diabetes in the US is increasing, while the average age of diagnosis is decreasing. Moreover, ethnic minorities have the highest incidence rates. We are actively investigating the impact of various behavioral, psychological, and sociocultural factors on diabetes risk in minority young adults in America with hopes of changing this story.


Acculturation and Sexual Health

Health research frequently treats people of similar races/ethnicity in the US as a homogeneous group, despite evidence that there are variations within the population. We are exploring subgroup differences in associations between various elements of acculturation and sexual health behaviors among native and immigrant populations in the US.

Other Projects

Teaching From the Middle

Students in higher education come from different backgrounds with diverse lived experiences and prior knowledge. We aim to explore the framework of teaching from the middle where instructors honor what students bring to the learning environment, keep previously learned information alive, and establish connections to the experiences that follow. 


Cuban Flag
Health Psychology in Havana Cuba, March 2020

The Spanish and African influences that merge to create Cuban culture, along with the social and geographical climate, have meaningful health implications. Via a Study Abroad excursion we engaged in an enriching exploration of the health and wellness of the Republic of Cuba.


COVID-19 & Sexual Health

The current health pandemic, and its associated social regulations, has significant implications for decision making surrounding intimate behaviors.


Marijuana Use and Health Motivations

As recreational marijuana consumption increases in the US, the need to better understand its impact on various aspects of health is a top health concern.

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